Hi there!

My name is Anatoliy. I'm web-engineer, creator of railwayjs and jugglingdb. I like to build simple and useful things and opensource it to the community.

I live in Russia, Kazan. I like bicycling, skiing and tourism. I enjoying beauty of nature and want to see every beautyful place in our planet.

You can follow me on Twitter, see my photos on Flickr and 500px, check my projects on GitHub. Contact me by email (mail @ this domain) or phone (+1(864)256-1602). I'm available for hire on daily basis for nodejs projects and security consulting.

My favorites


  • programming language: javascript
  • text editor: vim
  • js coding style: jslint
  • scm: git
  • technology: nodejs
  • relational db: mysql
  • key-value db: redis
  • message queue: zeromq
  • project management: ??? (still looking for decent solution)
  • laptop: MBP