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Good-bye outsourcing

Today is 19 Jun 2012 and this is a big day, because I'm leaving FlatSoft and will continue my career as independent web-engineer. I'm also starting this personal website for tech notes and presentation of my projects.

Bye FlatSoft

I had been working in FS for 3 years (end 2008 - middle 2012), and those were great days because I met my love here - NodeJS. And had a great chance to work on big projects with talented guys. But after 3 years of outsourcing I got tired. I need a product - this is why I quit FS and I'm going to start working on a startup. Also I will continue contibuting my opensource projects (railwayjs, jugglingdb, jsdoc.info, and others).

Bye 9 to 5

I believe every good programmer working 9 to 5 should quit some day. Because real programming is not 9 to 5 - first of all it's love. When you are working on a project you should think about it as much as it requires: in the shower, while driving a car, even climbing to Everest or skiing down at 60mph. Life-changing idea can come at any time and you should be ready to give it all your talent immediately.

For me it means one project at a time (which is impossible in opensource or couple part-time jobs, when you spend half of day in one project and half in another). This is why I prefer daily contracts rather then hourly. Working hourly is good enough, but it keeps me in permanent stress -- I should always remember about my estimations (I'm totally crazy about time and task estimations). Sometimes I just need to relax and figure out an elegant solution, but it's almost impossible when you thinking about time restrictions estimated in paid hours.

And I'm really happy to work without this constraints. And I'm more productive when I'm happy. As a result we have better solutions, better code and a satisfied client.

Written by Anatoliy Chakkaev at June 19th, 2012

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