Working offline

Recently I've quit my job and left the city. I went to countryside. This is a place with no phone, no internet, no other enternainments like shops or bars. Truly offline.

Now it's raining, I'm sitting near the house listening for raindrops hitting rooftops. I've never been so concentrated and productive for the last couple years. It's like opening eyes being widely closed for a long time. Finally I can start experiment and build cool shit.

And as I can see then main reason of this: working offline.

No distractions

Skype, email notifications, HN, twitter. All gone. Nobody interrupts me when I'm thinking. It has allowed me to dive very deep inside my thoughts. I can even forget to eat dinner.

No helpers

No google, translators, stackoverflow, no one will help me to hit the problem. Only man, Dictionary app, source codes and my brain. Truly challenging sometimes. But I feel my brain stronger, because it's a good exercise - think instead of search, investigate solution without googling.

Fresh air, natural milk and springs water

My body feels really happy and relaxed. Instead of fitness I do some job with hammer and other stuff when working with wood - much better and useful than wasting time in fitness center.

P.S.: Russian summer - I love you.

P.P.S.: I only worrying about backups. Hell! I can't push changes and backup system.

P.P.P.S.: And goddamn MOSQUITOS!

Written by Anatoliy Chakkaev at June 27th, 2012

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