How to contribute

This page describes in details process of contributing to this blog. Basically all you need to help me - github account and english skills. And I promise to put your name under article if you want.

So, let's overview process in details.


Let's say you've found a typo in My blogging engine article. You can find a link "fix this article" rigth after the article. This link point you to github page containing this article source text.

When you are on the github and logged in you can fork repository to your personal account and fix this article directly in the github web interface.

Submitting your changes

When you are done editing all you need is just click "Submit pull request". This will notify me about your changes, and I will publish it immediately after receiving and reviewing.

Adding your name as co-author

I really appreciate your help on improving my blog and thank you by listing your github username below the article. If you want your name to be listed you just need it to "fixed by" header list, like that:

Title: My blogging engine
Author: Anatoliy Chakkaev
Fixed by: John Smith (1602), John Doe (mansuleman), anatoliychakkaev

And this will be printed as:
Many thanks to John Smith, John Doe and anatoliychakkaev for fixing this article.